Catherine Cusack and Caolin Bryne workshopping The Green Crow at RADAThe Green Crow by Jan Harris

The play takes place in 1964 on one of the last days in the life of Sean O’Casey.


Sean O’Casey age 82.
Eileen O’Casey an attractive 60 year old.
John a guileless 22 year old.

One Act. One set.  Running time 60/70 minutes  

John, a young intruder, wants O’Casey to autograph three old scripts from the Abbey Theatre, given to him by his “Auld Granny”. He has nothing more in his mind than one day soon they might be valuable.  O’Casey is incensed at the intrusion and still angry at Dublin, The Abbey, and W B The Green CrowYeats; plus the fact that John, and many others think he only wrote 3 plays.

Eileen O’Casey is torn between the two, enjoying the youthfulness of John, and trying to keep her husband calm.

However, John in his ignorance, and with the help of Eileen, shows “The Dublin Playwright” that it might be time for a bit of peace making.

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