A Horror Comedy

by Barry Cryer and Peter Vincent

Harry and Mark exist in a creative world of magic and horror. Harry, now nearly seventy, still loves the genre and has created many disturbing tricks to play on anyone who dares to
visit him on his lonely island.

The two masters of fear have a shared history. When Harry was the lover of Mark's mother, the child, Mark, did everything to prevent this steamy affair. In revenge Harry told the child loathsome ghost stories late at night and then left him on his own. But the boy loved it, lapped it all up, every scream, every drop of blood and eventually became the successful Hollywood director he is now. This is the cruel height from which he mocks Harry's old fashioned ideas.

A girl swims to the island. She is unafraid, Why? Who is she? She and Harry have much in common. She is very like theĀ  beautiful woman Harry loved who was savagely seduced by Mark.

Mark calls. He is coming to the island to look up his old 'friend'. Revenge is in the air, accompanied by trickery and horrifc effects. Tonight someone will be murdered. But who? And who will be the murderer?

Will Harry be able to pass off this woman as his long lost lover? Does he really cut someone's arm off by mistake? Is there an old man choking to death in the attic? Is there any escape from here or will the rising tide make it impossible? 'I love hating him,' says Harry. He enjoys every move, every phantasmagorical moment. Be ready for shocks and you might enjoy it too. It's fun to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek -depending on whose cheek the tongue is in.