This play tells the turbulent story of the Arrowsmith family through twenty years. Throughout this time the Head of the Family, Russell Arrowsmith lies dying but... he does not die. This causes the family many heartaches and troubles.

The Arrowsmith home, Ballards Manor is the centre of a family feud. Russell's son, Douglas, longs to turn the great house into a school. His daughter Bidey ages too soon when she has to stay and look after her parents. Bidey vies with her lively sister, Anita, for the same man, the oversexed Bernard who doesn't give a damn about anyone.

Life for all the family is a battle and mostly it's a crisis. Will the ancient Russell marry his nurse and turn everything upside down? Can Douglas understand the death of his wife and will he be able to hide when the pale figure of Death comes for him?

Above all, who will inherit?

And will Russell's beautiful daughter ever come back from her walk?

One set.
There is a cast of ten but they can easily be played by seven actors.
4m  3f

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